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Employer Resources is an association of businesses dedicated to providing products and services that employers need to run their business smoothly and efficiently.

We provide third party billing, reconciliation services, payroll services, human resource services, computer networking capabilities, IT support, employee benefit programs, liability/company programs, and communication/utility programs that will improve your bottom line. We also help with staffing issues.

Let us help you be more profitable. It costs nothing to consult with us. We can show you how we have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients over the past few years.

Employer Resources started in 2003 as a billing reconciliation house for businesses that were overwhelmed with account reconciliation, insurance statements, and account collections. We quickly expanded to payroll services and an educational resource for employee benefit programs. In 2005 we improved our services with IT support and extensive computer networking capabilities at very attractive rates. In 2006 with the rising cost of electricity we formed a relationship with Eliminator Lightings to offer our clients a cost saving solution to high bay lighting.



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